Media education, media, civil society

Artistic practice does not prosper in a void, it is embedded in a local dialogue with the social end political axioms and issues of its time. It also comments on this context; sometimes it acknowledges realities and goes its own way, sometimes it searches for constructive dialogue, sometimes it questions these realities softly or harshly, and sometimes it acts as a way of articulating alternative realities.

Moderator: Fatima Lasay (The Philippines)

Fatima Lasay is an artist, writer/researcher and independent curator involved in the social and political dimensions of technologies. Lasay operates, an arts initiative with blogging, discussion list, advocacy and analysis on Philippine and global issues from the arts perspective. In 2004, Lasay was invited as artist-in-residence at NICA (Networking Initiatives in Culture and the Arts) in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), and CRIC (Centre de Réflexion sur l’Image et ses Contextes) in Sierre, Switzerland. She has worked in image and sound mediums, and is currently involved in programming languages and crocheting. 1996-2004 Lasay was professor of industrial design, computer art, art history and art theory at the University of the Philippines where she developed its first computer art electives and organized the Digital Media Festivals from 2000 to 2003. Lasay now serves as member of the editorial advisory board of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, the BUKAS national network of advocates of freedom and “openness” in Philippine society particularly in matters of governance and technology, the Philippine Chapter of the Internet Society, and as art and culture consultant for the Foundation for Media Alternatives specifically concerning issues of intellectual property, open standards, and on-going researches on Internet and mobile telephony censorship and surveillance. Pre-summit contribution

Elinor Nina Czegledy (Hungary/Canada)

Nina Czegledy, artist, curator and writer works internationally on collaborative art&science&technology projects. She has exhibited widely, won awards for her artwork and has lead and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide. She curated and presented numerous international touring projects and published extensively. The City of Toronto has commissioned Czegledy’s most recent public art collaboration (with Greg Judelman and Daniel Barber) on climate change “What will you do to cool the earth?” for Nuit Blanche 2007. Czegledy, is a Senior Fellow, KMDI, University of Toronto, Associate Adjunct Professor Concordia University, Montreal, Honorary Fellow, Moholy Nagy University of Design, Budapest, member of the international space art network, outgoing chair of the Inter Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA) and co-chair of the Leonardo Education Forum (LEF). Pre-summit contribution

Alek Tarkowski (Poland)

Alek Tarkowski (1977) is a sociologist working at the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling at University of Warsaw (ICM UW). Member of the Board of Strategic Advisers to the Prime Minister of Poland, responsible for issues related to new media and digital technologies. Co-founder and Public Lead of Creative Commons Poland. He holds a PhD in sociology from the Polish Academy of Science. He has written his dissertation about internet use seen from the perspective of constructivist sociology of technology and media. Co-founder of the “Culture 2.0” project – a series of conferences and meetings focusing on cultural impact of new media, innovative cultural and media strategies, and free culture. Co-author of the “Culture 2.0″blog, written for “Polityka”, a major Polish weekly. Formerly columnist for the Polish Public Radio, running a daily segment titled “Culture’s Other Side”. He is interested in relations between culture and the intellectual property system, free culture and digital popular culture, new media and ICTs in the society. Pre-summit contribution

Peter Tomaz Dobrila (Slovenia)

Peter Tomaz Dobrila was born in Maribor, Slovenia in 1963. A graduate in Decomposing the programme graphs, he is currently finishing his mater degree in Informatics on Creative use of new technologies. He co-established the Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (ACE KIBLA) and became its president in 1998, managing and involving in many projects during 1996-2004. During 2005-2007, Peter Tomaz Dobrila has worked intensively in the New Media Art filed; being adviser for many ART festivals (Ars electronica festival 2005, 2007), actively participating in EVA (Electronic Imaging the Visual Arts & Beyond) and Echilot Conference in Moscow. Since 2005 until today, he has given lectures on Slovenian informatics in Portorož, Slovenia. In spring 2006, he became a member of the Expert Commission for Intermedia Arts at the Ministry of Culture, followed by a member of the Working group of the Ministry of Culture for inclusion of culture to the information society in the autumn of the same year. In October the year 2006-2007, KIBLA got a public order from Municipality of Maribor to make a candidature application for the European Capital of Culture 2012 and in parallel to constitute the Local programme for culture 2007-2011. In 2007 KIBLA’s candidacy got acclaimed as the best among 4 cities in Slovenia and was confirmed by the Ministry of Culture and the Government as official for the nomination. Recently last year he became a member ot the Committee for the preparation of the National programme for culture and just participated on World Summit for Information Society meetings in Geneva, Switzerland. Pre-summit contribution

Venzha Christiawan (Indonesia)

Venzha Christiawan (1975) Indonesia, 1996 graduated from interior design faculty (BA), Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI). Focus on new media art since 1999, and built ‘the house of natural fiber (HONF), yogyakarta new media art laboratory’, that was produced and organized lot of projects such as public art installation, media performance, media art festival, technology research, videowork festival, workshops, discussion, DIY gathering, electronic and media culture movement, etc. Venzha is founder of HONF, 10:05 news project, and electrocore sound project. He and community were presenting media art projects in many places and country, like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, France, UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, and Finland. Venzha and HONF produced special projects in media art field called Education Focus Program (EFP). The goal of the Education Focus Program (EFP) is to build connections and interactions between local communities (whose interest and focus is on new media) and creators/artists. A second innovative aim is to make a connection between universities with expertise in technology and media artists/theorists who are interested in new media art and technology. Herewith, he tries to reinforce the interest in and analysis of technology in artistic production and theory. He intends and focuses for built new bridge between art and technology it self in Indonesia together with HONF. Venzha is a conceptor and director also for YIVF (Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival) and CELLSBUTTON (Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival), which produced and organized by HONF every year. Pre-summit contribution

Muid Latif (Malaysia)

Muid Latif (born February 24, 1979) began his career as a Malaysian Web Designer and Digital Artist who actively promotes the arts of South East Asia such as Batik and other elements in his digital artwork. Muid is a pro-active supporter to Creative Commons and he is the Board Members of Creative Commons Malaysia together with notable film director, Yasmin Ahmadand musician, Pete Teo. He had beencontributing talks about IP and copyright awareness from schools to colleges to letpeople aware of their rights and control over creative creations. After earning degree in Fine Arts from University Technology Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia in 2001, Muid works in web agencies and design studios to help creative for online campagins. Muid is also the founder of Digital Malaya Project (DMP), a non-profit organization and collective art group that supports the Malaysia’s creative multimedia industry by contributing his part in art exhibitions from Malaysia to Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok and Germany, promotes projects and campaigns such as Malaysia AIDS Council, Yahoo! Flickr Malaysia group, government bodies and NGO such as Perdana Leadership Foundation which was initiated by former Malaysia Prime Minster, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Muid is the creative person behind the successful leading campaigns for Malaysia Scientific Excellence in Islamic Civilization, officiate by Professor Fuat Sezgin, Angkasawan(TM) interactive campaigns and the creative consultant for creative campaign of WCIT 2008 (World Congress of ICT) & The 11th International Advisory Panel Meeting and Conference. Muid is one of cast and crew for ‘Malaysian Artist for Unity’, a promoting project to gain more awareness and understanding about embracing unity without dividing territory among race and religion due to racial tense and racism in the world. Pre-summit contribution

Richard Streitmatter-Tran (USA/Vietnam) – OBSERVER

Richard Streitmatter-Tran is an artist living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He received his degree in the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. His solo and collaborative work has been exhibited in internationally. Apart from that, he is an arts correspondent for the Madrid-based maga­zine Art.Es and Ho Chi Minh City editor for Contem­porary and has been published in several catalogs and periodicals. He was awarded the 2005 Martell Contem­porary Asian Art Research Grant in 2005 from the Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong for his year-long research project, Mediating the Mekong. Currently he is a Lecturer at RMIT Vietnam. In 2008 he became an Academic Advisor for MOCA China and will be assisting the Queensland Art Gallery as a co-curator for the upcoming Asia Pacific Triennale in 2009 for a Mekong focused platform and will be authoring a paper for The Mekong Art and Culture Project to be published in 2009.

Thasnai Sethaseree (Thailand)

Thasnai Sethaseree (Born 1968 ) lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since received his MFA in Visual Arts from The University of Chicago, Thasnai has developed his conceptual art projects based socio-cultural research where as his classes at Media arts and Design, Chiang Mai University have quietly helped young media practitioners to develop theoretical foundation in New Media. He recently is a Ph. D candidate in Social Sciences. Pre-summit contribution

Sally Jane Norman (UK/FRANCE)

Sally Jane Norman is a theorist and practitioner working on art and technology, cultural policy and media development, and interdisciplinary research. Holder of a Doctorat de 3ème cycle (PhD) and Doctorat d’état from Université de Paris III, she is widely published and has organised research events at the Louvre, International Institute of Puppetry (Charleville-Mézières), Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (Amsterdam), Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karlsruhe) and IRCAM (Paris). Previously Director General of the Ecole supérieure de l’image (Angoulême/ Poitiers), Sally Jane moved to the UK in 2004 as founding director of Culture Lab, an interdisciplinary digital research laboratory brokering new kinds of creative collaborations with Newcastle University’s humanities, science and medical faculties. Sally Jane is member of the UK Knowledge Transfer Review Committee for the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and has served as interdisciplinary research consultant for organisations including UNESCO, Swedish Strategic Research Foundation, French Ministry of Culture, Quebec Fonds de Recherche sur la Société et la Culture, and Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation. Pre-summit contribution

Raja Khairul Azman (Malaysia)

Raja Khairul Azman Bin Raja Abdul Karim was born on the 7th of February, 1972. He graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), with a degree in Management (Marketing) in 1997. Joined Arab Malaysian Development Corporation (AMDB) in the same year before decided to join National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia (FINAS) in April 1998. For the past 10 years in FINAS, have carried the responsibility to head several units starting from Research, Training, Human Resource, Production, Film Funding, Marketing & Promotion. Currently he is the Assistant Director (Research & Development) since February 2008.


Isrizal is an independent human rights activist. He also researches into arts and politics in Singapore and the region, and is interested in these inter-relations. He was a member of SG Human Rights, a loose network of activists formed in response to the ASEAN Charter and the notion of an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism. He has also been involved in other campaigns as well as projects in the arts. He is currently figuring out his place in local civil society and works on how to engage with critical and cultural theories in practice within this arena.

Ampat V. Varghese (India)

Ampat Varghese Varghese is a writer, journalist and professional educationist who has since 1999 been at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, India’s leading art and design college in Bangalore. Prior to this, he put in 20 years as a professional journalist in print and radio, covering arts and culture, politics, economics and business, science and technology, media and film, for leading media groups like the Indian Express and Deccan Herald. During this period, he also taught Mass Communication and Journalism as a guest lecturer in several institutions. In Srishti, he heads the Department of Liberal Arts and Humanities and was erstwhile Co-ordinator of the New Media Initiative. He headed the Tactical Media Lab at Srishti (2004-2005) which telescoped into Srishti’s participation in and exhibition at Ars Electronica 2005 and culminated in the setting up in 2007 of Srishti’s Centre for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA). He has served as a Project Manager at Srishti, leading and facilitating a number of Srishti’s international projects. These include the international think-tank Future Academy-Synchronisations India and Force New Media Festival in 2004, the Nokia Only Planet projects of 2006 and 2007-8, etc. He is interested in how New Media intersects with the pedagogy of under- and post-graduate education in Indian art and design institutions. Pre-summit contribution

Floor Van Spaendonck (The Netherlands)

Floor van Spaendonck is director of Virtueel Platform, the Dutch expertise centre for media, arts and digital culture. Currently the organisation is expanding itself from an expertise centre for e-culture into a vibrant and energetic policy making institute for digital media and arts in The Netherlands. Virtueel Platform stimulates innovation and supports knowledge exchange in the field of e-culture in The Netherlands and abroad. Floor van Spaendonck studied history but her professional expertise lies in the field of digital culture and media art, arts administration and funding. Her focus on working in the field of arts is all about shaping good work conditions for artists and creating a platform for research, experiment and debate in the field of arts. Personally interested in a crossover between the arts, science and society. Previously she worked as staff member for the Amsterdam Arts Foundation and as programme manager of Waag Society. Pre-summit contribution

Group Rapporteur: Jerneja Rebernak (Slovenia/Italy)

Jerneja Rebernak has recently joined the Cultural Exchange department at the Asia-Europe Foundation. She holds a BA in Communication Science, University of Ljubljana (2004) and a MA research degree in Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (2007). Her ethnographic research  “Do it yourself media education in India” critiques the top down approach of ICT in the field of development and focuses on grassroots communication tools in India. She contributed for Radio Oltranzista and Cinema Solubile projects, a series of radio broadcasting and instant video making events. She has previously worked as an Intern for the Oneminutesjr video platform and as a freelance web editor at the European Cultural Foundation.


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